Texas Star DX 350 Bi-Lateral
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DX350 Bi-Lateral

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Picture of inside of amp


    DX 350 Bi-Lateral Schematic Diagram (8.5x11)

     DX 350 Bi-Lateral Schematic Diagram
Layouts and Parts

     DX 350 Bi-Lateral PCB Layouts (8.5x11) paper size
     PCB Trace Layouts (Board F) (8.5x11) paper size
     DX 350 Bi-Lateral Cabinet View

     DX 350 Bi-Lateral Parts List
     Component Datasheet Section

     DX 350 Bi-Lateral PCB Layouts
     PCB Trace Layouts (Board F)

     DX 350 Bi-Lateral Cabinet View

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