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Chassis EPT6900-10C
Symptom Carrier on SSB
The carrier balance adjust VR6 or VR7 depending on main pc board seems too sensitive and hard to adjust.
Cure Change C146 from 103 to 47pf
Remove R170 270K use for R172
Change R172 from 10K to 270K
Change R173 from 10K to 33K

Readjust SSB Carrier Balance.
Additional Comments Ranger recently (12/06) replaced the discontinued AN612 balanced modulator IC with their own hybrid RCI-612. It's basically a small surface mount balanced modulator IC mounted to a small circuit board designed to fit the same holes in the main pc board so it can be a drop-in replacement part. However the new hybrid causes alignment of SSB carrier balance to be very touchy. In the older pc boards this adjustment is labeled VR7 and the newer boards it's labeled VR6.
Category TX
Posted By Galaxy Tech Support

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