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Make Galaxy DX Radios
Model DX94HP
Chassis EPT6900-10C
Symptom I have the following freq's on ch 1:

Band A = 26.965
Band B = 27.055
Band C = 27.705
Band D = 26.995
Band E = 26.965 (Same as A)
Band F = 27.615
Band G = 27.065
Band H = 27.075
Cure Remove the jumper
De-solder the three rear pins and pads
Clear between all pads (even if it looks good)
Re-solder the jumper.
Additional Comments See this all the time.
Soldering tip used for freq mod is too big.
Causing hairline shorts between pads.

Thanks to Smitty for this one.
Category Frequency
Posted By Galaxy Tech Support

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