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See text for Model Carrier on SSB
The carrier balance adjust VR6 or VR7 depending on main pc board seems too sensitive and hard to adjust.
TX View   
DX2527 FM distortion when adjusting VR5 FM deviation over 2KHz. TX View   
DX94HP I have the following freq's on ch 1:

Band A = 26.965
Band B = 27.055
Band C = 27.705
Band D = 26.995
Band E = 26.965 (Same as A)
Band F = 27.615
Band G = 27.065
Band H = 27.075
Frequency View   
DX959 Radio does not TX and TX/RX light does not change. Frequency counter also drops around 10k when keyed. TX View   
See text for Model No AM TX. No 10.695mhz signal at IC3 pin 7. TX View   
DX2527 TX modulation sounds distorted when connected to antenna but sounds fine when tested on a dummy load. TX View   
DX66V S-Meter pegs after radio is warmed up. RX View   
DX66V RX distortion on AM/FM with strong incoming signals only.
RX View   
All 10 Meter Mobile Clarifier control not working properly. Frequency View   
DX99V No RX and S-Meter pegs on SSB RX with no incoming signal. RX View   
DX55V S-Meter pegs and RX drops out. RX View   
DX99V Low RX volume and low RX sensitivity. Turning on Noise Blanker makes symptoms even worse. RX View   
DX66V RX drops out and radio will sometimes go into TX mode without keying the mic. Both RX/TX View   
DX88HL Weak RX and RF Gain control not working properly. RX View   
See text for Model On Models with frequency counters, Frequency display reads 24.xxxmhz and radio has no RX or TX. Frequency View   
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