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Make Cobra
Model 29 NW ST WX
Chassis KEPC-255-F/ KEPC-228-E
Symptom Night watch pannel lites don't work.
Cure Un screw the small tin covered box (EL Lamp)behind the channel selector, isolate it from the chassis. Check if lites work and or if you can hear a faint sound from the box. If the lites work with the box removed from chassis ground there is a screw in the rear of the front pannel shorting to ground. Remove one at a time till you notice the lites working with the tin box grounded to the chassis. Replacing the insolated washer with a new one should fix the problem.
Additional Comments The service manual at has the voltage referance for this device. If the device is not humming a faint tone with the out put disconnected it could be burnt.
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Posted By CB Express

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