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The CBTricks mail list!
One of the largest e-mail list group for CB radio technicians on the net with over 1400 members.

This list is for CB Radio technicians sharing their experience, skills, and technical information for the repair and use of two way radios.

How does this work
If you are a member and have a question just send an E-mail to the group cbtricks@yahoogroups.com. Everyone that is a subscriber will receive the E-Mail. If someone can help they just hit reply and sent it back to the group. This way everyone will see the question and the reply.

This list sometimes has long technical and off topic debates and sometimes there is profanity used.
This group also has 400+ posts a month if you like you can set your account for digest mode and get one e-mail a day of all the posts
for that day.

Questions, comments?
Email: webmaster@cbtricks.com

For more info on Yahoo Groups Communities

To Subscribe: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cbtricks/join

The group also has a community web site to use this feature you will need to have a Yahoo ID.

CBTricks egroups community Website http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cbtricks

What commands can I send via email?

E-mail System commands:

To join the group: Send a blank message to

To Post a Message: Send the message to

Unsubscribe from the group: Send a Blank Message to cbtricks-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

Put your email message delivery on hold for a group: Send a Blank Message to
The "No-Mail" option is to halt message delivery while you are out of town.

Change your subscription to daily digest mode: Send a Blank Message to
Receive a daily digest that consolidates all emails into one full-text message.

Change your subscription to individual emails: Send a Blank Message to

Thanks for joining!