Workman Electronics
New Base Mic
December 23, 2001

I've been using this base mice for about a month now (as of this writing). As many of you have, I've tried a few different base mics over the years and was not really satisfied with them 100%. Either they sucked the life out of a battery to fast, were to sensitive, to large for a limited bench setup or just plain didn't sound right.

This mic, although looking like the old Astatic D104 (with a shorter stance), doesn't sound the same. It has a loud punch (but not over modulated) in the audio and works with low or high voice input. The audio processor board used in the Workman base mic is primarily the bandit echo board (in my version, they might not be offered in it when final releases for public sale).

I can honestly say (and those of you who know me, know I don't get excited about equipment to often), that this is the best sounding base mic, or any mic for that matter, that I have ever had the pleasure to own. It's octagon shaped head and base, contoured base key, really set it off. The shorter stance (shorter then the Astatic D104 base version) is a welcome addition.

Echo Board, Do I really Need One?

The answer is Yes, plane and simple. When you set the delay slightly and open up the echo, you get an effect called reverb. Reverb to the voice over a microphone on the airwaves, make it stand out, more dynamic if you will. Giving you modulation a full (mid's-low's-highs) range. Making it easier to pick out your words in a crowded channel, eliminating the - "come back, what did ya say?". Many echo type mics and echo boards claim to be echo/reverb, but seldom are. The only 2 boards I've come across that were capable of true reverb were the Connex style (with the whip) and the Internal Bandit Echo Board. I prefer the Bandit Echo Board since you set the controls and seal it up inside the radio, no bumping knobs. It's more compact and offers a slightly different tone quality from the Connex style.

This is my personal opinion based on past experience with echo boards, mics and external boxes. 8's to ya, ... Clark