Model A+






Remove the covers from the unit and all knobs from the controls. Unscrew the front panel and remove the Delta Tune control. Tape this control out of the way and install the kit into the panel.


Solder the expanders RED wire to the +13.8 VDC at the ON/OFF switch.


Twist the expanders WHITE and BLACK wires and loop them to the bottom side of the board.

Solder the 22pf capacitor across the terminals of coil L22. Solder the expanders BLACK and WHITE wires to the coil L22 as shown.


Unsolder diode D13 and remove it from the board. Solder the new diode into D13's position taking note of the direction of it's stripe.


Solder a jumper wire across the transmit power diode. This is D9 in the Cobra 29 Classic, or D8 in the Uniden PC76XL. Modulation can also be increased by removing diode D11 on the Cobra 29 Classic, or capacitor C73 on the Uniden PC76XL.


Note: If channel dropout occurrs and cannot be solved by adjusting L22, solder the 22pf capacitor in series with the WHITE wire and move it to the other side of coil L22 (shown as Alternate point). If capacitor C86 is missing, replace it with a 100pf cap. to increase bandwidth.



Tune coil L22 one quarter turn clockwise and check for normal 40 channel operation. Tune coils L 17 and L 14 for maximum power output on Channel 1 in the Normal Band. Switch to High position and tune L 19 & L 18 slightly until all 40 Upper channels lock in. Switch to Low and touch up L19 & L18 again to lock in all channels.


Slight adjustments may be necessary to coil L21 for proper broad banding of power output. Be careful adjusting this coil since it is critical for Power balance. The left side adjustment is the extreme Low end freq., and the right side is extreme High. After all channels across the Bands are working, adjust the kit trimmers for proper frequency. If any problems locking in Normal channels occur, re-adjust L22 for proper operation.



This unit is warrantied for a period of 90 days from purchase date and must be accompanied with a sales receipt for warrant service. Tampering will void all warranty.




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WARNING! This unit is Not Legal For Class D CB Use In The U.S.A.



Model A+





Copyright CB Tricks -- © 1998. All rights reserved

WARNING! This unit is Not Legal For Class D CB Use In The U.S.A.