Cobra HH38WX ST
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Owners Manual

    Voltage Chart
    Circuit Theory

Diagrams (Courtesy of site supporter)
    Schematic Diagram
    Block Diagram
    PCB Layout

Frequnecy Mod

1. Remove battery compartment door.
2. Remove the 2 screws in the Battery compartment.
3. Remove the 2 screws at the belt clip
4. Measuring from outside bottom of radio up each side 3 1/8 inches (plus or
minus 1/8/ of an inch) at this point being very careful insert a very thin,
flat screwdriver and disengage the internal case connectors by pushing
straight in. I then bevel the cases mating edges to remove the marks made
disconnecting the case connectors.
5. Remove the top screw with brown fiber washer, located at the top center
of board.
6. Remove the PTT, Channel up and down, light side piece. You will see a
wire soldered to the shield covering, the CPU and to board ground, unsolder the
wire from the CPU shield below, and between the Channel up and Channel down
7. Now separate the front part from the Board. At the top Right of the CPU
Board is J14, two unused solder pads, bridge them. J14 is also just to the
right of R358 and to the left of the top right screw.
8. Reassemble Radio, turn on and press Function then scan and the U = upper
channels, the L = lower channels, and no U or L = CB Channels.

Courtesy Of
David City Electronics


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