Galaxy DX Radios DX2547 (MOSFET Final)
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      Owner's Manual

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      DX2547 (P5 P6 Switch) Frequency Conversion
      Channel Chart (After Modification)
      DX2547 Frequency Conversion
      Viagra Board Frequency Modification
      10kc Mod
      Clarifier Mod
      Increase Clarifier Range Update
      Roger Beep Tone Mod

      FC347 Wiring Diagram for a DX2547

      Semiconductor Datasheets

DIAGRAMS (For the DX2547 with FET finals & TDA2003 Audio Amp)
    DX2547 Main PCB Schematic Diagram (EPT069611Z)

PCB Layouts and Parts
    Main PCB (EPT069611Z)
    Modular VCO PCB (EPF000210Z)
    Talkback Control VR PCB (EPT095960Z)
    Push Switch R.B. / CB / PA PCB (EPT254720Z)
    VOL / SQ VR PCB (EPT254750Z)
    DIM / RF / MIC GAIN VR PCB (EPT254770Z)
    RF / MOD VR PCB (EPT254780Z)
    MODE / Clarifier PCB (EPT254790Z)
    SWR PCB (EPT360042Z)
    Mic Jack PCB (EPT253750Z)
    EAR Jack PCB (EPT253790B)
    DC Power Supply PCB
    ANF/GNF PCB (EPT009830Z)

    Channel Selector PCB (EPT0SSB30A)
    Display PCB (EPT254740Z)
    Frequency Counter PCB (EPT900043Z)

Chassis, Miscellaneous & Mechanical Parts
    Miscellaneous & Mechanical Parts

1- Shield  (Ground)
2- Yellow  (Audio)
3- Red      (Transmit)
4- White   (Receive)

Astatic (4 wire)
1- Shield
2- White
3- Red
4- Black

Astatic (6 wire)
1- Shield & Blue
2- White
3- Red
4- Black
Yellow NC

Daiwa EM-500
Cobra CA Series

1- Shield & Black
2- Red
3- White
4- Blue

Galaxy DC-521S (4 wire)
1- Shield
2- Yellow
3- Red
4- Black

Galaxy CB-660EI
1- Shield & Black
2- White
3- Red
4- Blue

1- Shield
2- White
3- Brown
4- Green

1- Shield & Red
2- White
3- Blue
4- Black
Yellow NC

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