Ranger RCI-2980WX
Documentation Project


Frequency Conversion


Find J28. (forward edge, center of main PCB).



Move jumper from pins 1-2 to 2-3.



Find J4 (about 2 inches behind mike jack, 2 inches back from fwd edge of main pcb ).



Unplug blue-black-white plug, and plug into J2 ( near J28 ).
NOTE: This should only plug in one way: ( blue wire to left )



On the solder side of the main PCB, remove the 100 ohm resistor between pins 15 and 16 of IC5.
NOTE: Re-check the green wire from the main PCB to J301 of channel selector PCB for connection. This wire may have come off during the process of removing this resistor. If the wire is off or loose, sometimes when the BRT/DIM switch is depressed, the frequency will change instead of adjusting the back lighting.



To prevent the digital frequency display from "jumping", the VCO (steering voltage) MUST BE re-aligned. Disconnect the "short PCB" from TP7, TP8, and TP9. Set radio to Band 6, CH 40 AM RX mode, set the +10KHz switch to OFF position, connect multimeter to TP2, connect oscilloscope to TP3.
Adjust L14 for 6.5 Vdc ± 0.1. Adjust L15 for maximum output and balance ( CH1 & CH40 )



Reconnect the "short PCB" from TP7, TP8, and TP9.





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