Ranger RCI-2985DX
Documentation Project

Clarifier Unlock


From: John M.

This Mod will fit all of the following ,RCI2950, 70, 85, 95-DX. All having the same PCB.

1. Remove D-63 & R-115,Using a soldering iorn.
D-63 is in a row of 5, last one to the right next to VR-8,frequency adjust
R-115 is in a row of 2 next to the J-28 (a 3-pin connector) right side closest to the connector .

2. Find the J-28 connector F-1 pin BLACK wire , Add a wire on top of the black wire ,
the other end of this wire to an 8V source space in J-29 connector.
Note: The 8-volts can also be obtained from connectors J29, J27 or J26.
Note J-29 may not be marked,it is (black) in color.

Readjust L-19 LSB, L-20 USB with clarifier at center.

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