Superstar 4900B
Documentation Project

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     Radio Features pdf
(This prints very nice and could be used to sell by)
Owners Manual pdf (Thanks to Quiet Giant for this)

      4900b Frequency and AMC Conversions pdf (updated 1-19-2001)
      Repair Memorandum (12-20-2000) pdf
      Mic Wiring Info for Astatic, Cobra CA-72, Shure 526T pdf
      Tour 1 in pictures of the radio  
      Tour 2 in pictures of the radio (new Jan. 29 2001)

Service Manual Project

     SS4900 Service Manual Rev.# 1.2 pdf (1.2 meg) (updated 3-25-2001))
     Semiconductor Function


      Board Layouts pdf (This is first draft of all the boards I have done) Rev.#1.1 Jan. 29 2001
      Main PCB Schematic Diagram pdf (two 8.5x11 A paper size)
      Front PCB Schematic Diagram pdf (two 8.5x11 A paper size)
      Main and Front PCB Schematic Diagrams pdf (11x17 B paper size)


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